Friday, July 09, 2010

Quirky Enough to be Unique

Wallpaper* Magazine wanted a boat and it had to be a design classic. So they called on ocean-loving designer Marian Bantjes to produce plans for a graphically enhanced Laser, and she delivered a stunning design that references the cubist patterns of the First and Second World War 'dazzle' naval camouflage.

You might think this Laser is "quirky enough to be unique". But actually, twelve of these works of art are available to order for £10,000 each. See Wallpaper* for more details.

PS. It was my birthday this week. Just in case you were wondering what to buy for the man who has everything.


BlueVark said...

Stunning! Would leave the opposition completely bamboozeled, blinded and (most importantly) behind me. ..... but would it be class legal?

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Back in my Laser days, I used to fantasize about what it would cost to produce a one-off wooden Laser that would be competitive. Probably $10,000. In 1970 dollar$.

BlueVark said...

Doc, back in the 70's you could get about $2.5 to £1. So £10,000 would have got you a $25,000 fund back then!! :)

What could you have built with that?

Tillerman said...

Would it be class legal? Good question.

In the past the Laser manufacturers have produced hulls with vivid graphic designs and way back they made colored Laser sails, and these boats and sails were quite legal.

These current ten boats are made by the manufacturer LaserPerformance so they could be legal if they are made to the usual specs. Though it looks to me as if the sail in the picture doesn't have a window, so the sail may not comply with class rules.

O Docker said...

I think this design's main advantage is that it looks the same capsized as right-side up.

JP said...

Well I never, you learn something new every day. Who'd have thought it, Tillerman's a Wallpaper* reader!

Happy Birthday last week!

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