Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Man in a Canoe


Baydog said...

Man-that photo looks like it was from like 1914 or something.

Tillerman said...

Baydog you are so smart. Not everyone thinks to check the name of a JPEG file for further information about its subject.

I wonder if you can further demonstrate your genius by telling us where the photo was taken?

Baydog said...

Genius? Hardly. Um, upper reaches of the Metedeconk River, near Cedarcroft, in the land of the Lenni Lenape, where the river meets the trees?

O Docker said...

Baydog, I think that's Tillerman's old New Jersey stomping ground, Mountain Lakes, which just happens to be celebrating its centennial next year.

I used to do training laps on my bike about three miles away, around Lake Parsippany, but that was in the late 70's, before Tillerman arrived, I think.

Small world. Well, small state, anyway.

Tillerman said...

Wow. My readers are so smart. Not everyone would think to try doing a Google Image search on "man in a canoe". Anyone who did would find this picture in the first few images on the first page, and it would indeed lead to the collection of historic photos on the website of Mountain Lakes NJ and discover that it is celebrating its centenary next year. Well done O Docker.

Mountain Lakes was where I did my stomping (as O Docker so elegantly puts it) from 1989 to 2007.

The caption for the photo doesn't actually say where the photo was taken, but I guess we can assume it was in Mountain Lakes. The town was already under development in 1914 around the main lake, Mountain Lake, so, as there are no houses in the picture, I suspect that it was not this lake but Birchwood Lake, the highest lake in the town system of lakes, and which I wrote about in Small Town Run.

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