Tuesday, October 26, 2010



Sam Chapin said...

Tillerguy, do you think you can sail this thing at the Masters when the wind is gusting to over 30?

David said...

A Laser for guys who can't hike anymore? Why not go all the way and put some training wheels on?

Tillerman said...

I have sailed a singlehander with an asymmetric spinnaker. And I have trapezed, albeit only briefly. But I have never trapezed on a singlehander.

The local LaserPerformance dealer is offering a special deal on an ex-demo Laser Vago.

Dare I?

Craig Thrall said...

That looks like the definition of fun. Is there a fleet in the NE area?

Tillerman said...

I don't think there are many Vagos at all in the US yet. The largest fleets are in the UK, France and Holland. The Vago recently received ISAF status and they are talking about a Worlds in France in 2011.

Althought LP advertise the boat as a singlehander and a doublehander the ISAF status is as a doublehander and that is how the Worlds will be sailed, I understand.

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