Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolutions 2012

Drink less wine, drink more beer.
Sail less alone, sail more with friends.
Be a fanatic.

Sit less, move more.
Blog less, sail more.
Let go.

Eat less broccoli, eat more bananas.
Think less, play more.
Never grow up.

Plan less, dream more.
Focus less, explore more.
Amaze myself.


Tim Coleman said...

Yep, I'm liking it. I think I could go with that myself.
Although I have to say if I was any less focused I would walk endlessly in circles and never know (maybe I am already!). Maybe more beer would help.

Tillerman said...

Hi Tim. Long time no hear from you. Good to see you again.

The whole "focus" issue is one I've struggled with since starting this blog. Indeed the third post on the blog back in 2005 was Focus.

If I want to be a better Laser sailor I would need to focus on that goal. But in doing so I would miss out on so many other wonderful opportunities in this world, in sailing, in other outdoor pursuits, with family etc. etc.

I probably am walking endlessly in circles. Some years it feels like that.

Tillerman said...

And the "drink more beer" goal was triggered by a resolution I saw on my daughter-in-law's blog which was "drink less wine." I couldn't resist twisting her resolution into one more appropriate for me.

The "drink more beer" resolution actually has a hidden meaning. I tend to drink wine with my wife and beer with my sailing buddies. Not that I want to spend less time with my wife, but the resolution is really about spending more time socializing with sailing friends.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Some of the most "focused" people I've ever met have been extremely dull.

In the works of an old fried "you're here for a good time not a long time" if that means spinning like a whirling dervish what the hell, beer was possibly Northern Europe's greatest invention of the last 2000 years

Tillerman said...

Mr. Bursledon, I agree with your first point, but surely beer was being brewed in Mesopotamia and China at least 6,000 years ago.

PS. I like your quote.

Sam Chapin said...

Tillerman, you are doing great. two comments by others and three from yourself. Now you have three from others so we are even. Be careful with all that beer.
They have been making it a long time, selling a lot, drinking a lot, and it has caused a lot of trouble.

Tillerman said...

I haven't even found the beer yet. Where did Tillerwoman hide it?

Baydog said...

I can help you with that.

Tillerman said...

There's a bottle of sparkling wine somewhere too. Where did she hide that?

Baydog said...

Probably in the least likely place you would look?

O Docker said...

Tillerman, you're such a futurist.

Here I am wallowing in 2011, and you're already blazing your way through 2012. How do you do it?

Alan said...

Your New Year resolution looks like a poem :-)

Have you thought about the irony "Plan less, Focus less" which is written in s succinct and focused plan of action (albeit poetically)?

Tillerman said...

Oh yes. I'm big on irony. I even do irony in my sleep!

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