Thursday, July 05, 2012


What is wrong with this picture?


Doug / Pam said...

I see similarities in this boat (sailing on the pavement) as I did in the Kirby design patent the ILCA attorney said was for the Laser and had expired. Perhaps the artist and attorney are related?

Anonymous said...

It's sunny in England, the one cow doesn't cast a shadow, and I'm not sure how he steers.

Anonymous said...

This is a two handed boat with only one crew member. Diabolo

Keep Reaching said...

Everyone in England drives on the wrong side of the road on normal roads, but here it is even more amazing - on a 2 lane country road everyone drives on both sides and only in the same direction. Is it some sort of circular loop where to get to someplace behind you go ahead on a continuous loop? Or are the sailboat and all others in the right (right) lane trying to overtake the slower ones in the left (wrong) lane?

BlueVark said...

There is nothing wrong with the picture. Given the weather this week this scene would be quite possible on some roads near me!

jbushkey said...

1. There is no license plate on the boat.

2. The sailor is wearing a life jacket, but there is no water.

3. He is not wearing a helmet ( Does UK have motorcycle helmet laws?)

4. There is no fence between the cows and the road. Clearly they would wander in front of traffic.

5. The artist should have chosen a sailboat with this symbol on its sail *---

6. "The games are coming" is written in a poor choice of font.

7. Its not raining :D

What do I win?

Chris said...
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Tillerman said...

Jbushkey - you spotted the one item that really caught my eye. What is that symbol on the sail?

Tillerman said...

And what is that sail number? Is that an A or an R as the third "number"? Very odd looking.

Chris said...

1. The boats all appear to be close hauled regardless of their course. (Given some of the lakes I've sailed, that may be considered "wind error" more than "illustration error".)

2. The boat in the foreground appears to be capable of levitation. In that case, why is he stuck in traffic?

3. The sail plan is all wrong for a boat with an apparent ten-foot beam. (Really? A dinghy with a 10' beam? That doesn't seem right, either.)

4. The boats in the background are sailing uphill in tight formation with the traffic. I know from years of experience sailing uphill that more leeway is required, not to mention room to tack.

5. The boats have no shrouds. They aren't Lasers. (Pick whichever of those seems most wrong to you.) The sailor in the foreground boat does not appear to be handling any sheets. In fact, the boat has no sheets. (Along with the rig problem for this boat, these facts may explain this boat's position relative to the fleet.)

6. Breaks in the clouds, seriously?

Chris said...

7. Oh, and a roach that extreme is definitely going to require more battening. But without sheets, no one will ever know.

Bursledon Blogger said...

That's the B362436 between Upper Fartingthorpe and Greater Belchwell, doesn't go anywhere near Weymouth and last time I looked neither did Transport for London.

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