Friday, July 27, 2012

I Can See Massachusetts From My Backside

From my back garden in certain spots I can just see Brayton Point Power Station in Massachusetts, four miles away at the north end of Mount Hope Bay.

Brayton Point produces more carbon dioxide than any other source in New England and New York - almost 5.9 million metric tons of greenhouse gases in 2010 and 2011. Brayton Point also tops the EPA list of the largest emitters of chemicals in Massachusetts in 2010,  with more than 1 millions pounds of chemicals.

The two 497-foot-tall cooling towers have the capacity to pump more than an Olympic-size swimming pool worth of water each minute, and the concrete in both towers is enough to pave a sidewalk 250 miles long. They are the tallest buildings in Massachusetts outside Boston.

I live in Rhode Island.

But I can see Massachusetts from my backside.


Litoralis said...

Well done, Mr. Blogger.

Baydog said...

Look South, Tillerman. And your American wildflowers are lovely.

Tillerman said...

Thanks Baydog.

The picture of my backside is a little confusing.

As friend Mitch has pointed out, with a simple camera you can't control depth of field, so you are seeing plants that are 1 foot from the camera and 30 feet from the camera almost as if they are in the same plane. This is actually a relatively well mannered corner of the garden although it doesn't look like it in the picture. My famous American Native Wildflower Garden aka That Patch of Weeds at the Side of the House is actually out of sight to the left around the corner of the house you can just see.

I would also point out that, as you can see from the water vapor flumes rising from the cooling towers, this was not a good day to go sailing.

@Queen_UK said...

One finds this disconcerting.

Baydog said...

Your Brayton Point is our Exit 12/13 on the NJTP. Not all views are idyllic. And yes, that may not have been the best sailing day.
It's the countless other days and settings that define our home waters that readers should hold as typical of our everyday recreational venues. Wait, this may be the second post topic......
Okay, here we go. List and discuss stereotypes and misconceptions about New Jersey, as experienced by a transplanted Brit living in the Garden State. We've heard many examples from you in recent years, but, if you would, put it all together in one post so we can digest it and then submit our opinions accordingly. I can't wait!

Tillerman said...

OK. Challenge accepted. Many people fail to explore the backside of Nw Jersey.

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