Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kirby and the Torch

The twitterverse has been quite a-twitter with tweets about the Kirby Torch for the last day or so, as you can imagine.

But Internet search is a funny beast and when I searched Twitter this morning for the latest news on the Kirby Torch I came across this blog post Kirby does the Human Torch on a blog called Til the Last Hemlock Dies.

Apparently there was a character called the Human Torch who appeared frequently in Marvel Comics and the character was written on a regular basis by a writer called Jack Kirby.

How spooky is that possum?

Even more spooky is that the blog post talks about a legal challenge concerning intellectual property matters by the original creator of the Torch.

And the story of the Torch concludes on this sad note...
It's almost as if Kirby was saying, 'Okay, guys. Here it is. I'm going to give it one last shot.' And he tried. And he failed. The Torch was just not first flight material in the Silver Age.


breezetrees said...

This seems like the appropriate place to discuss how to spell more than one Torch. The sail-world article has got Torch's and sailingscuttlebutt quotes Kirby as Torchs but are they not usually Torches? If Kirby makes Torchs is it a google-workaround?

Tillerman said...

Torch's is clearly wrong as the plural of torch. Sail-World doesn't know its ass from its possessive.

And Torchs is wrong too. Every reputable dictionary says torches is the plural of torch.

As far as I can ascertain, the Torch would be the first International Class with a name ending in "ch". Will that be confusing in some languages?

laser158689 said...

That trademark bit has apparently been resubmitted or whatever and is moving forward again...

/ Pam said...

In addition to the Laser/Torch, we sail in the Butterfly class. I've seen many use Butterfly's and many use Butterflies. It should be Butterflys because it's the plural of a proper name but after 40 some odd years most still get it wrong. The Kennedys are not the Kennedies or Kennedy's. The plural of a proper name ending in s, x, ch, sh, or z should add es. Torches! But look how many are already getting it wrong. Perhaps the Texans will all get it right since we're the home to so many Bushes.

Tillerman said...

Yeah. As Litoralis pointed out in a comment on the previous post there was only a minor issue and not likely to hold up eventual approval.

Tillerman said...

What's the plural of Texas?

Texas's, Texasses, Texass, Texases?

On the whole I think it's a good thing there's only one Texas. All of those words look ugly but I guess the last one is correct?

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