Monday, April 29, 2013

On Track

Back in January I wrote a post Can I Make it to 100?

No, no, no.

It wasn't about whether I will live to be 100 years old.

That's not likely.

I don't think I want to live to be 100.

Cheat the nursing home. Die on your LASER.

The post was about how, if in the unlikely event that I should set my mind to doing so, I could sail my Laser 100 days in a year. It was just an intellectual exercise, you understand. Not because it was a real goal or anything serious like that. God forbid.

I even went so far as to work out, just as an intellectual exercise you understand, how many days I should aim to sail each month if I were to make it to 100 in a year.

The first four months of the year are not the best weather for Laser sailing around here. There is frostbiting if you are crazy enough to do that. The water is cold and nobody in their right mind goes out and practices Laser sailing on their own in these months.

So I set a fairly modest target for sailing in January, February, March and April.

18 days I said.

Let's see how many days I actually sailed.


Oh shit.

I appear to be on track to sail my Laser 100 days this year.

Now some of my more insane readers will think I'm actually aiming to sail my Laser 100 days this year.

Just for book-keeping purposes you might like to know that those 18 days were made up of...

  • 5 days of frostbite racing
  • 4 days of a group sailing clinic in Florida
  • 9 days of solo practice (which somebody said nobody in their right mind does at this time of year.)

Just saying.

I appear to be on track to sail my Laser 100 days this year.

This is getting seriously weird.


Joe said...

I look forward to toasting you with a nice glass of Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 20 year old when you've reached your Everest. Now get to work, I'm thirsty!

Tillerman said...

Whatever you say, boss.

O Docker said...

Don't worry if you only make it to 50.

I think Joe will toast you with half a glass, anyway.

Baydog said...

I think only 15 or 23 year old is available, Cheval..

Tillerman said...

Comment via email from JS...

just get to 43, OK?

Tillerman said...

I should get to 43 some time in early July. Just in time for my birthday!

bonnie said...

Nice work!

I need to get the mileage I've been doing back up - never did write that post about non-goals, did I?

Funny thing is that in March and April I actually did break down and do goals - but it was a minimum thing, I decided that I needed to not let myself get completely off track as work ramped up with the usual Spring royalties/budget collision. January and February I'd managed to squeeze in 100 miles on foot or paddling both months - I knew that wasn't going to happen in March and April but I told myself that I needed to at least shoot for an average of a mile a day for the two busy months above and beyond, and I did manage to do that.

Tillerman said...

Thanks. But compared to 2008 (the year I sailed a Laser 94 days - my personal record so far) I am actually behind schedule. That year I had sailed 23 days by the end of April but that included a trip to the DR in January, to Australia in February, and to Florida in March. Just means I've got to do even more in the remaining 8 months of the year than I did in 2008. Should be possible because I'm probably going to do two trips to warmer climes in the last few months of this year, that I didn't do in 2008.

Joe said...

I have a bottle sitting in my cupboard. Mmm, good stuff.

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Before this year, I was used to racing 45 days a year. That's because Das Boot was too young a craft for me to day-sail without crew. I worried what it would be like not sailing. At this point, I realize I have not sailed my boat for 140 days! That's a concern. I am well on my way to getting used to not sailing. Danger Zone!

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