Sunday, December 01, 2013

Dodo like parrots and two men in a boat one quite posh

Two more entries in our group writing project Best or Worst Sailing Movie Ever...

The prolific and always reliable Captain JP offers Good sailing movies - let's not get serious in which he argues that I have set my readers a tough assignment because "the problem is there's no really great ones out there and the bad ones aren't heroically awful either."

The good captain discusses a number of the usual suggestions for best sailing movie ever, but eventually settles on one I hadn't heard of before, "an extra gruesome adventure involving hams, dodo like parrots, Queen Victoria and Darwin with The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists." Sounds wonderful!

George A who writes the Mid-Atlantic Musings blog also says he found selecting a best or worst sailing movie to be a hard challenge, so he submitted an old favorite of his as a potential "best", the 1979 British movie "The Riddle of the Sands" which is based loosely on a novel written in 1903 by Erskine Childers.  George says that the novel is better than the film so I have downloaded the book to my Kindle and will watch the movie later. I must say that, having read the first three chapters this morning, I am enjoying it immensely but will probably save the rest of the book to read on a long plane journey coming up soon.

Here is another review of Riddle of the Sands that I stumbled across.

Riddle of the Sands
aka Two Men in a Boat - One Quite Posh

The project is open until Thursday December 5th.

Full details of how to enter at Best or Worst Sailing Movie Ever.

But it doesn't have to be "best" or "worst." It can be any superlative you like...

Most boring
Least realistic
Most romantic
Most irritating
Most ridiculous
Most nepenthean
Awesomest storm at sea
Most trench-warfare intense
Most tooth-and-talons gripping
Best bagpipe playing in a sailing movie
Best pirate movie not starring Johnny Depp
Worst ever sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a not too bad pirate movie.

Whatever. Use your imagination.

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