Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Most of the top Laser sailors seem to favor cycling as their favorite cardio workout, not to mention that it can't do any harm at building those steel quads you need to hike flat out from your toes on mile long beats six, eight, ten times a day. I really should cycle more.

And I've been thinking for some time that I would like to have some way to get out on the water on days when there isn't enough wind for Laser sailing. Kayak? Stand-up paddleboarding?

But how about this?

Why not kill two birds with stone?

Perhaps I should get an itBike?

I wonder if they come with cupholders?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Erm...isn't that just a pedalo? Dangerous things, pedalos - they can get someone sacked from their role as captain of an international sports team

Tillerman said...

Damn. I knew it looked like a pedalo. But itBike is a much cooler name.

Do all pedalos come with cupholders?

Anonymous said...

One suspects Mr Flintoff must have requested a pedalo with a whisky bottle sized holder. Incidentally, having raced a pedalo in my early twenties, I can tell you that a) they don't plane very well, and b) it can be easy to upset small children who have a less keenly sharpened competitive edge.

Tillerman said...

Pedalo racing? Is that a real sport, Damian?

This is getting interesting. What are the rules for pedalo racing? If two boats are overlapped which is the right of way boat? Can you call for water at the mark? Is ooching illegal?

Chris Partridge said...

Yhis is what you want.....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can see how my choice of phrase was misleading. I probably should have said "Once in my twenties we hired some pedalos and raced them" - it was the kind of ill-conceived activity that really shouldn't be mentioned after the event. That said, once the itBike becomes a worldwide craze (and why wouldn't it - just look at it), I'm sure there will be a racing circuit. There will probably be foiling itBikes before you know it.

Tillerman said...

It sounds as if Damian and his friends may be the first people in history who raced pedalos. He is to pedalo racing what Hoyle Schweitzer is to windsurfing.

Unknown said...

I actually sell itBikes, we have distribution in Mexico and the company I work with does not sell products they don't believe in, the itBikes are awesome! they are very high performance, comfortable, very easy to transport, assemble in 2 minutes without any tools, and adjustable for any height, and yes, itbikes come with cupholders! would you like one? ;-)

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