Monday, May 19, 2014

God Bless America and Lady Liberty

One of the best things about the Laser Class is that it includes some wonderful, dedicated, talented people who, when they see something that needs doing, they just pitch in and get it done themselves.

It's actually Rule 35 in Laser Sailing: The Rules

#35 Volunteer. If you see something that needs to be done... and it isn't being done or isn't being done as well as you think it should be done... then don't whine about it; do it yourself.

One such person is Pam from the Improper Course blog. Her husband Doug is sailing in the Laser Masters Worlds in France later this year. She thought it would be cool to have a Team USA shirt for the event, so she went ahead and designed one.

I really like her use of the image of the Statue of Liberty as an iconic symbol of the USA as well as of French-American friendship. What could be more appropriate?

More information about the Hyères France Laser Masters Worlds Team USA shirts at

You can order one by emailing Pam at the email address on their blog.


/Pam said...

Thanks Tillerman!

Bruce Taylor said...

Top effort that!

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