Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday Quiz

You know the drill…




What event?

How did the sailor in the picture finish in this regatta?

What was for dinner on Saturday night?


Tillerman said...

That is weird. The "You might also like:" widget is displaying a post with a thumbnail picture of a sailor who was also at the regatta in the picture. How did it know?

Of course you are probably seeing completely different posts that "you might also like."

JP said...

I'm seeing the "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" post. Is that a clue?

Tillerman said...

Probably not. Although I have written posts at times mentioning several of the participants in this regatta… including the guy in the picture.

Baydog said...

1. Doug from Improper Course
2. A few years ago
3. Sarasota
4. A Laser regatta
5. By sailing his Laser across the finish line in the last race of the regatta
6. Pompano and stone crabs

Tillerman said...

Well done Baydog.

1 and 3 are correct. How did you work out it was Sarasota? Was it because it says Sarasota Sailing Squadron on the side of the RC boat?

You need to be a little more specific on 2,4 and 5.

6 is incorrect.

O Docker said...

Has a groovy '70s vibe to it.

Tillerman said...

Groovy? 70s? I wonder if there are any other clues to the date in the photo? How old is Doug? How is his vang rigged? When were sunglasses like that in fashion? What's that fuzzy sail number?

/Pam said...

Doug is so old that he can't remember the date of that regatta or how he finished. He thinks the guy who won it is behind him crossing the finish line (Buzzy) and he thinks it was the Master Midwinters, early 90s and he probably had a top 5 finish. I got a kick out of the short shorts.

Tillerman said...

Oh dear. If even Doug can't get it right then I doubt anybody will.

The photo was on the front page of the Spring '93 issue of The Laser Sailor. It was taken at the 1993 North American Laser Masters held in Sarasota on Feb 13-15. 58 Masters competed in the championship. It was won by Andy Fox and Doug was second. Buzzy Heausler was third.

Doug won the second race on Day 2 so the photo could have been that race perhaps?

Other sailors in that regatta who have been mentioned on this blog (often anonymously but they know who they are) include Norm Freeman 7th, Peter Seidenberg 11th, Joe VanRossem 13th, Dick Tillman 20th, David Hartmann 22nd, Alden Shattuck 25th, Sally Sharp 27th, and Bob Saltmarsh 30th.

And the dinner on Saturday night was the famous Sarasota Sailing Squadron pig supper "straight from the crematorium." (Don't ask!)

Tillerman said...

And where was I that winter?

Well I was living in New Jersey and my diary notes that I skied at Camelback in PA with my two sons on three weekends in January.

The beginning of February sounds miserable…
First week - "very cold weather"
Second week - "continuing cold and snowy. Bad sinus cold."

But then things looked up…
Third week - "Skiing at Vail"
Last week - "continuing bad weather."

I should have gone to Florida. But then I would have missed Vail which was pretty amazing.

/Pam said...

I was wondering where you came up with that picture. So even though it's Doug in the picture, he was wrong on the event, wrong on who won, in the right time frame on when and even though he told me he thought he finished 2nd, I didn't want to say that just in case 'the older he gets the better he was.' He hadn't a clue on dinner. I guess the pig isn't that famous ... or he fell asleep and missed dinner.

You obviously made the better choice going to Vail ... since you can remember it.

Tillerman said...

I remember I wasn't very good at skiing deep powder. Probably no worse though than I would have been at sailing the NA Masters.

Sounds like Doug's memory was actually pretty good. A NA Masters in February? I would have probably remembered it as a Masters Midwinters too. And he did remember he was 2nd. And to be perfectly honest I have no idea who Andy Fox is. I don't think he sailed in any of the Masters Regattas I sailed in the early 90s.

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