Monday, December 01, 2014

Best Sailing Blog on the Planet of 2014

Some years I have published a list of the top ten (or approximately ten) of my favorite sailing blogs of the year.

Some years I haven't.

It's tough to choose only ten blogs, balancing the wishes to include old favorites while recognizing promising newcomers.

Not to mention that inclusion on my top ten list has usually been the kiss of death for at least three blogs on the list which have been abandoned by their authors within a few months.

So this year I am dong something a bit different.

I am announcing that one blog, a relatively new blog, is the undisputed Best Sailing Blog on the Planet of 2014.

Pause for fanfare…


And the winner is…

by Damian

I could give you a long list of all the excellent posts that Damian has written this year. But please go and browse the blog yourself. There's excellent advice on how to be a better sailor. There are thought-provoking series of posts about important issues in our sport like how clubs can retain younger members and the ethics of protests. There's humor. There's poetry. There's sports psychology. There's a guest post by an Oppie Mum and hilarious advice on boat maintenance.

If I wasn't already writing a sailing blog, I think Damian's writing in the last year would inspire me to start one.

And so many times I have read one of Damian's posts and thought, "I wished I could write a post as good as that."

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It's the best sailing blog on the planet.

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Damian said...

Just wanted to say a big thanks for this, Tillerman. I think it's safe to say that people reading this will know that it isn't the best sailing blog on the planet - Proper Course is. But I really appreciate your kind words.

As for the "kiss of death" thing - you need have no fear. I intend to carry on blog...aaaghh...what's this?...My eyes...I can't see!...My fingers are falling off!...I...can't...brea....dfjadskgfofg.....

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