Monday, December 01, 2014

RS Aero at Carnac

RS AERO Carnac by voile-magazine

I can't get enough of RS Aero porn.

Especially when it's French porn.

I think I'll have a cold shower now.


JP said...

Funky Gallic music.... c'est le showtime!

Anonymous said...

Those gybes look a lot easier with the traveler NOT on the transom....

Tillerman said...

Don't they just? Also you don't need to duck as low to avoid the boom like you would on a Laser.

Unknown said...

Tillerman, you may remember that you son, Mike, built a 12" catamaran for me 10 or 15 years ago. The two hulls together weighed about 30 pounds, Thus we know long before the Aero that ultra-lightweight boats were possible. He used a different approach - a sandwich of one layer Kevlar, one layer carbon and one layer of fiberglass. My best to Tillerwoman, the young Tillerpeople and the Tillertots.


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