Monday, February 09, 2015

Zero Miles

From time to time I have followed various cruising blogs.

Almost invariably the intrepid authors of these blogs initially declare an ambition to sail around the world. But it seems that life has a habit of making other plans and, after a year or so bouncing around the Carribean, the potential circumnavigators usually settle for going back to the mainland to make some money writing code or selling soap - just like the rest of us. Nothing wrong with that.

There are exceptions. Take for example the brothers Jason and Pierce, crew of the good sailing ship Tamarisk who even have a blog bravely titled Tamarisk 'Round the World. Nothing like including your goal in your blog title.

In May of 2012 they set sail from Rhodes in Greece.

And now, almost three years later they are in… Rhodes in Greece again.

For a net distance covered of… zero miles.

The difference between Jason and Pierce and most other cruising bloggers is… they really did sail all the way around the world and back to where they started from, in the process actually sailing 31,892 nautical miles.

Here is their chart of how to get from Rhodes to Rhodes.

When they started, by their own admission, they were novice sailors.  But they persevered and learned from other people who sailed with them - and from the odd mistake or two - and documented their journey in one of the most interesting and comprehensive round the world cruising blogs ever.

Check out the whole story at Tamarisk 'Round the World.

And raise a glass of your favorite adult beverage to toast Jason and Pierce. They really did it!


JP said...

Indeed that's a major achievement, particularly at the end which sounded tough.

That date they started caught my eye: May 2012. I must have been gearing up for the London Olympics and Arctic Circle Sail. What are your top moments - sailing or otherwise - since then?

Tillerman said...

So many great moments in those years. Here are 3 days of sailing and 2 other special days

Oct 20 2012 - Fat Boys Regatta - especially the last two races when the wind was stronger
Feb 3 2013 - The day I led the Newport Laser Frostbite fleet around the first mark
Oct 12 2013 - birth of Andrew - youngest grandson
April 28 2014 - birth of Juliet - youngest granddaughter
Oct 7 2014 - the sea sail at Minorca Sailing

Not exactly the same as sailing around the world but I'm still doing my best to enjoy every day of the journey around the sun.

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