Monday, May 18, 2015

Who Wants a Lily Camera?

Is this the most amazing drone camera yet?

You just throw it in the air and it tracks you.

And it's waterproof.

So you can record yourself pursuing all sorts of outdoor activities without any need to be actively controlling the drone.

I can only start to imagine how useful this would be for taking videos of my Laser sailing.

More details at

What do you think?


Fungod said...

Hey Tillerman,

Did you see that on my site? Are you stalking me? : } H2uh0 Craig.

Michael O'Brien said...

"Who wants one?" I do. Thank you Tillerman. Please deliver it my house ASAP.

Tillerman said...

Craig - yes and yes. Apologies. I should have given you credit.

Michael - absolutely not. You are too fast already without the aid of any more cameras. Seriously - congratulations on winning the first RS Aero regatta in N.America at the weekend!

Tillerman said...

Another article about the Lily Camera and its creators here.

I hear that Ant Clay aka SoulSailor has already signed up to beta test the Lily Camera in a sailing environment.

my2fish said...

I would love one - those cameras look amazing.

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