Friday, May 01, 2015

Guess What We're Having for Dinner

Typical conversation between Tillerman and Tillerwoman about what to have for dinner...

TW: What do you want for dinner tonight?

TM: Toad in the hole.

(For reasons lost in the mists of time, family tradition dictates that the first two salvoes of the game must always be played in this way. Choice of subsequent shots is entirely at the discretion of each player.)

TW: You don't really want toad in the hole, do you?

TM: Don't I? What do I want then?

TW: I have some ground beef.

TM: Well let's have minced beef and Yorkshire pudding.

TW: I was thinking chili.

TM: OK. Let's have chili then. Did I guess the right answer?

Short silence...

TW: It's Sunday tomorrow. You don't want chili for Sunday dinner, surely?

TM:  (Feeling a little confused.) Well let's have roast chicken then.

TW: We've already had chicken this week.

TM: Well let's have roast beef.

TW: But we're having beef today. In the chili.

TM: Well let's go out for dinner then.

TW: We can't go out for dinner. We went out for lunch last week.

TM: (In desperation.) How about oysters and beer?

TW: We can't have oysters and beer for Sunday dinner.

Pause for thought...

TM: We haven't had Beef Wellington for a while.

TW: We could have Beef Wellington.

TM: Did I guess the right answer?

Short silence...

TW: I'm going shopping to buy some wellingtons.


Baydog said...

Hungry now. Thanks

George A said...

Go get some ribs and a six pack or two. That's my plan tonight.

Chris Partridge said...

In our house the conversation goes like this:
Mrs P: "here's your food. Eat up before it gets cold."

Tillerman said...

In some ways that would be easier Chris.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get toad-in-the-hole?
My version of TW will occasionally try to match her mother's recipe, but it's not the same without dripping for the batter.
Mike W

bonnie said...

Suddenly want Yorkshire pudding.

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