Thursday, April 30, 2015

Training Goals

Several of my friends are going to race in the Laser Masters Worlds this summer.

Two of them are taking it all very seriously and have been emailing me and each other about what their plans and goals should be for the next time we go sailing together - which apparently is now referred to as a "training session." Phrases like "work on boat speed" and "drills that Olympic sailors do" are being thrown around. They are starting to scare me.

Clearly they have not read (or have forgotten reading) the definitive advice about the Laser Masters Worlds and how to prepare for the event which was published back in 2010.

Be that as it may, I thought I would humor them and let them know my own "specific" goals (apparently goals always have to be specific) for the next time we have a "training session" (oh, how I hate that phrase) together.

1. Arrive at the "training" site without having left something vitally important (like my towel or my cup-holder) at home.

2. Rig the boat without making any major mistakes like forgetting to put in the sail battens or putting the tiller over the traveler.

3. Spot and correct, before launching, all the inevitable minor rigging mistakes like rigging the in-haul shock cord around the mainsheet, putting the sheet the wrong way through the ratchet block, or leaving the drain plug out.

4. Launch the boat without hitting any rocks, the dock, or other boats.

5. Have fun.

6. Sing all 27 verses of Wheels on the Bus while sailing.

7. Shout "Gaaaaargh!" at my "training partners" at least 19 times.

8. Spend the time of the "training session" broad reaching 58.7% of the time, sailing downwind 37.2% of the time, and beating 4.1% of the time. Is that specific enough?

9. Not have any disagreement with my "training partners" about where to go for a drink after sailing.

10. Not find out that Aidan's Pub has run out of Old Thumper when I order it.

11. Not find out that I have any body parts missing when I wake up the next day.


Unknown said...

I didn't know there were 27 verses. GARRRRRGH!!!! Oh and do well yell GARRRGH between verses? I'm confused.

Tillerman said...

No no no.

Gaaaarrrgh is only used in very specific situations.
1. Whenever another boat is on a converging course with you, especially if they have right of way.
2. Whenever you are sailing near a Dutch or Swedish sailor.

There must be at least 27 verses to Wheels on the Bus. Having sung it in turn to 6 different grandchildren over the last 9 years, I've probably made up at least that many verses myself.

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