Thursday, April 09, 2015

Throwback Snowday

Here it is.

The last tiny patch of snow on our property, tucked away in the shade of a north facing wall.

I expect it will be gone by morning.

Ten weeks ago I was dealing with this.

I don't know where Tillerwoman was.

I hereby declare winter is officially over at the Tillercottage.

Let the sailing season commence.

I think I'll go and burn my socks now.


Tillerman said...

6:55pm April 9 - the snow on our property has officially gone.

Even Sharpeyes Goodcook (aka Tillerwoman) can't find any.

Baydog said...

I predict you will get at least one more snow accumulation

Tillerman said...

In one quarter of Aprils, Providence RI receives a dusting of snow.

The probability of snow at Providence on any given day in April is 9% on the 10th April and 4% on April 21.

There is no snow in the forecast for the next 10 days, with the lowest temperature in that period being 37 degrees on the night of April 11.

Therefore Baydog is probably right.

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