Friday, April 24, 2015

30 Things You Will Never Hear a Laser Sailor Say

1. Make the Laser sails more durable? Nah, I like them the way they are.

2. I only need one Laser.

3. Torch? You mean like an imaginary friend?

4. Regatta photographers always capture my good side.

5. Wow, that regatta entry fee was cheap.

6. I'm not that tired, shall we sail another 10 miles just for fun?

7. I didn't really touch that mark, did I?

8. Why pay a regatta fee when you can go sailing for free?

9. I always sail better just wearing a Speedo.

10. I'm just so glad the RC is moving the marks again so I can have a rest.

11. I regret taking up sailing.

12. Reaches in 20 knots are so boring, I'd rather be beating.

13. AP is my favorite signal flag.

14. I'm so glad I'm 5'2" tall. That's the perfect height for a Laser sailor.

15. Hiking isn't really painful....honest.

16. I don't want to talk about sailing, it's boring.

17. Oh no, not a downwind leg. I hate these.

18. I have no interest in going to sail in Cabarete.

19. No, I'm not sure how many Grand Prix points I have.

20. 40 knots and 5 degrees below freezing. Perfect day for a sail.

21. I'm trying to avoid beer at the moment.

22. The Laser self-bailer is the best invention of the 20th century.

23. Isn't it wonderful that the Laser designer is suing the Laser class?

24. No, this new sail wasn't expensive at all.

25. Let's work out on our hiking benches instead of going sailing.

26. What's a vang?

27. Yuk! I hate waves.

28. Do these hiking pants make me look fat?

29. Judges are so considerate, they always look the other way when I am pumping.

30. I am 100% satisfied with that regatta, there is no way I could have done better.


Deborah said...

Do I need to start working out on a hiking bench???? (No hiking on a Herreshoff...)

Tillerman said...

31. My life would be incomplete if I didn't have to hike.

Anonymous said...

that's, it's, just so accurate..

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