Thursday, April 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Where Am I?

I had to dig deep in the boxes of old photos to find this one.

It will do as Throwback Thursday and a photo quiz.

Where am I?

What year was this?

What class of boat am I sailing?

Who was crewing for me and what did she have for lunch?


Unknown said...

You're in a photograph (duh).
The photo says April 30th, 2015. So much for being an "old" photo.
Sailing? I see no sails. I think you're posing at the dock. Or holding onto the keel after having turned turtle. I think it's the latter.
Crewing? Lunch? After turning turtle, I'd think there would be neither. :D

Tillerman said...

The photo lies. I only wish I still looked like this in 2015!

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