Saturday, August 01, 2015

2015 International 14 North Americans at the Gorge - Drone Footage

Amazing video footage from a drone of  the I-14s racing at the Gorge last weekend.

The RS Aeros - also sailing their NAs on the same circle - make a brief appearance but the I-14s are the stars of this show. What spectacular boats!


Tweezerman said...

Great video! As an old 14'er from wayback, the boats impress me now, not so much for the offwind speeds - after all they are skiffs with big assyms - but how fast they have got these 14 foot hulls going upwind. A lot of credit has to go to genius Paul Bieker who came up with a rudder foil that helps fool the water into thinking it has a bigger hull going through.

Tillerman said...

Glad you liked it. I noticed the rudder foils when the boats were out of the water. Didn't realize that they were there to fool the H2O. Brilliant!

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