Friday, July 31, 2015

Learning to Sail the RS Aero on the Interwebs

One of the joys of learning to sail in a new class of sailboat these days is that it is so easy to find and share information online. We can all watch seminars by the experts and learn boat specific skills by watching the videos they post. So different from when I was trying to learn to sail the Laser back in the 1980s. In those day I had to study books (with still photos) by experts such as Dick Tillman and Ed Baird.

So thanks to Matt Thursfield who recently ran a coaching day for his fleet at Chelmarsh Sailing Club in the UK and produced the coaching video (above) which has some excellent tips.

If you are an RS Aero sailor wanting to progress rapidly up the learning curve - and keep in touch with news about RS Aero events and what other RS Aero sailor are doing - then you need to tap in to these online resources.

Join the RS Aero Class Facebook group.

Check out the RS Aero Class website - and especially participate in the forum there.

Sailors in North America should also join the RS Aero Class North America Facebook group.

And if you are a new RS Aero owner wanting the best primer on all things Aero, do watch the RS Aero Primer video by Peter Barton. the RS Aero class manager.


Anonymous said...

You should have no trouble; upwind recommendations are identical to those for the Laser.
Downwind there may be some (minor?) differences and your sheet may not get caught jibing...

Wavedancer (who would love to find out by himself if the above statements are halfway correct)

Tillerman said...

The tuning is certainly similar to the Laser but with some subtle differences.

Why can't you find out for yourself, Wavedancer? Are there any Aeros near you?

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