Thursday, July 23, 2015

This is Us - Throwback Thursday

I'm going away this weekend - without Tillerwoman - to go sailing in the RS Aero North Americans.

Usually she comes with me, even on my sailing trips.

But she is staying home this weekend - to till her garden. Right this moment she is trying to work out how to deter the deer from eating her tomatoes. We were attacked last night!

It's probably just as well she isn't coming this time. I expect the evenings on this trip will be taken up with sailing talk as 20+ RS Aero sailors from all over the country meet up for the first time and get to talk with each other and with the class manager and the west coast dealer and an RS Sailing sales manager about our shared passion - the RS Aero. She wouldn't enjoy that.

So for Throwback Thursday - here's a rare photo of the two of us, sailing together a few years ago.

This is us.


Skippy said...

We are ready for you.
John in PDX

my2fish said...

Good luck! Have fun and sail fast!

Deborah said...

I love this little story! Good luck to Tillerwoman on fighting the deer, and good luck to you in the regatta - can't wait to hear how it all went. Sail fast!

Dan said...

You may have already viewed these pic by Sean Trew. I assume you were at this event.

Tillerman said...

Yes thanks Dan. I did see Sean Trew's pictures. I have used a couple of them in my post today about the regatta.

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