Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Photo Quiz

OK. Enough of posts about RS Aeros.

This throwback Thursday photo was taken back in the days when my "other boat" was a Sunfish.

That's me in the stripy shirt.

Where am I?

What year is it?

Who is the guy in the white T-shirt?


Anonymous said...

A World Championship in a (sub)tropical location?

Sorry, that's the best I can come up with,


Tillerman said...

Good start Wavedancer. It was indeed a world championship in a tropical country. I guess there aren't many other clues in the picture to help.

So here's a clue: Calamari

JP said...

Is that the answer to "What did Tillerwoman have for dinner?"

Tillerman said...

LOL JP. I don't even remember what Tillerwoman had for dinner. So why would I mention the word "calamari" at all? That's a clue.

The photo by itself may be tough to track, but regular readers will surely know that I probably mentioned this sailing destination before on this blog. That's a another clue!

Litoralis said...

I think it's probably Cartagena in 1997.

Tillerman said...

Litoralis is correct. It is indeed the 1997 Sunfish Worlds in Cartagena, Colombia.

One unusual feature of this particular Words was that there were only 50 boats for 100 competitors. So we shared a boat with another sailor and took it in turns to race, which is why Charlie Clifton and I were setting up that boat together. First of all there was a qualifying series and then the fleet was spilt into gold and silver fleets for the championship. I was in the silver fleet (of course) but Charlie made the gold fleet.

The regatta site was actually the Colombian Naval Officers Club - with the gate guarded by a guy with a very impressive gun. The other interesting thing that happened was that the airline for some reason didn't load my checked bag on the plane from New York - and they only flew that route twice a week. Luckily I had the essential sailing gear in my carry-on bag but I probably wore that shirt for 3 or 4 days until the rest of my luggage arrived.

Good times!

Tillerman said...

Oh, and - to explain the clue - Calamarí was the name of the indigenous Caribbean village on whose site the Spanish founded Cartagena. I am surprised that none of my clever readers knew that!

Anonymous said...

You can feel good; the silver fleet had one guy who became an Olympian (in the Laser) many years later.
Who was that person?

Wavedancer (info from Windward Leg)

Tillerman said...

Raul Aguayo

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