Friday, July 15, 2016

They told me Aeros were fast

Video taken during the Wednesday night pursuit race at Massapoag YC this week.

I think I am right in saying that the RS Aero 7 started three and a half minutes after the Sunfish.

Sunfish hull weight - 120 lbs
RS Aero hull weight - 66 lbs

Thanks to Mark (the Sunfish sailor) for the video and for being a good sport by posting it on YouTube.

Comment in RS Aero Class Facebook group from Peter Barton - RS Aero International Class Manager.
The Aero with light weight and low drag will accelerate onto the plane much quicker and then plane faster than similar heavier boats, the difference in speed can then be dramatic - and this vid is on a run, not a reach. The Sunfish looks nice but the Aero is from a new era.

Comment in RS Aero Class North America Facebook group from Ash Beatty who placed in the top ten in the Sunfish World Championships in 1996 and 2001.
Sunfish sailors, especially the big guys, it's time to get an Aero. I've sailed Sunfish since 1972. I was lucky enough to have a fair amount of success. Now at 6'3" and 215 lbs, I have no chance in a Sunfish anymore. but in my Aero 9, I'm again competitive. The boat is way faster, way more comfortable, and at the end of the day, you are smiling regardless of the breeze. In light air, there is no more curling up in the cockpit and watching light weights sail away. This short video should be all the convincing you need. Go sail an Aero soon!!

I sailed a Sunfish too when I lived in New Jersey. I had a fair amount of fun but not as much success as Ash Beatty. I have even written blog posts about such topics as Why a Sunfish is Better than a Laser. So I hope my many Sunfish sailing friends won't think I am putting down the Sunfish. But I also hope that some of them will follow Ash's advice and and at least try the RS Aero.

And by the way if you want to keep up to date with what is happening in RS Aero world, then check out those two Facebook groups.

RS Aero Class North America Facebook group
RS Aero Class Facebook group


Steve said...

So why was the Aero coming from behind


Tillerman said...

it was a pursuit race. Classes start in order of their Portsmouth yardstick handicaps - Sunfish, Day Sailer, Laser, RS Aero 7, Flying Scot, RS Aero 9. We are still experimenting a bit with what times are fairest for RS Aeros. I think the Aero 7 would have started three and a half minutes after the Sunfish.

Top Trumps said...

Is it true that if you race in an Aero you win so often that you get bored of winning? If so I'll buy a million!!! In fact I'll get Mexico to buy a million and GIVE them to the US of A to make it GREAT again!!

Top Trumps said...

Its a fact that actually I invented the Aero so it should be called the Trump. True story!!

Top Trumps said...

As my wife put it - all my wives are very beautiful, have you noticed? - in her unique and original way "there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats" which no one has ever said before.

Tillerman said...

Thank you Top Trumps. How nice of you to stop by on what must be have been a busy day for you what with finding speechwriters to fire etc. etc.

Please can I sign up for one of those free Mexican Aeros. No, what the hell, can I sign up for three of them please. I will call them Ivana Marie Zelníčková Trump, Maria Ann Marples Trump and Melanija Knavs Trump if that would make you happy. If you decide to have a few more wives I would be happy to accept a few more Aeros.

But this isn't a political blog. It's a sailing blog.

Would you like to offer some ideas on How To Make The US Sailing Olympic Team Great Again?

Please don't mention deporting Mexicans or killing Moslems. I doubt that would help very much.

Top Trumps said...

The US olympic sailing team will be great when I am its great leader for I am great and anyone that doesn't agree are just sad! In fact, just call anyone and everyone in any other sailing team sad, for they are sad and I am great!

Just don't read any Harry Potter for that is sad not great:

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