Monday, February 04, 2008

Terrigal Weather Forecast

Next weekend Tillerwoman and I fly off to Australia so that, among other things, I can sail in the Laser Masters Worlds at Terrigal, north of Sydney. The Masters Worlds first race day is Sunday Feb 17.

The (real) Laser World Championships (for real Laser sailors) are also in Terrigal and start with a practice race on Wednesday this week. Here is the weather forecast for the first few days, courtesy of Sail World.

The weather bureau has predicted big winds and seas for the early stages of the 2008 Olympic class Laser World Championship that starts off The Haven at Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast on Wednesday.

One hundred and sixty sailors representing 56 nations will face the starter's gun in a Practice Race at 2.30pm on Wednesday before the real deal starts on Thursday with racing set to commence at 1.00pm each day.

Forecasters say to expect up to 25 knots of north-easterly winds tomorrow, when many competitors will be out practicing on the offshore courses. Competitors can expect a southerly change on Wednesday morning of up to 25 knots throughout the day on a four metre swell, which will favour the heavier sailors who enjoy surfing down waves in offshore conditions.

A south-easterly change has been forecast for Thursday in the 15-25 knot range, while Friday is predicted to be a south-westerly of 20-25 knots. In other words, no let up for competitors. Rain is expected all week too, until Sunday when the sun is supposed to shine for the first time.

Woo hoo. Don't use up all the wind before I get there guys.

Wait. What was that last bit? "Rain is expected all week"?

Oh no. Not again.

Photo is of Tom Slinsgby, some Australian dude, who is supposedly going to do well at the Worlds.
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Menchuvian Candidate said...

I trust you've got your uncrustables packed-fear not, a quick spray of silicone and they're waterproof as well as indigestible.

Enjoy Sydney. I am intensely jealous.

Lia Hollander said...

Looks like fun!

Sorry you couldn't see the pic on my blog. It looks like their site may be down. :(

PeconicPuffin said...

25 knots...those are beautiful words. Travel safe and sail well!

Anonymous said...

Well make that 4 regular readers. :P

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