Friday, June 05, 2009

Evelyn's Drive-in

Last Sunday the family stopped in for lunch at the famous Rhode Island landmark, Evelyn's Drive-in, just down the road from us in Tiverton. So for today's Fish on Fridays feature you can enjoy the photo of Evelyn's lobster salad plate with french fries.

Thanks to one food guy for the photo, and for a much longer review and many more photos of Evelyn's at The BEST Lobster Roll at Evelyn's Drive-in.

Doesn't that beat one of Joe Rouse's pictures of ladies in swimsuits?


Carol Anne said...

You say, "just down the road from us..."

Isn't everywhere in Rhode Island just down the road from anywhere else in Rhode Island? I mean, I drive 150 miles north or south to get to either of the lakes I sail at, all while remaining in the same state, but if you drive 150 miles from anywhere in Rhode Island, you're not going to be in Rhode Island anymore.

The television news reported this evening that the state of New Mexico has designated a new "Cultural Heritage Site," and the report described it as being "half the size of Rhode Island."

In Texas, the bigger ranches are measured not in acres, not even in square miles, but in "Rhode Islands" -- a measure of land equal to the area of Rhode Island.

No, I'm not knocking Rhode Island. It must be fantastic to have places that you can sail without having to drive two to three hours to get there. I absolutely LOVE seafood, and to see that picture ... Man, I wish there were someplace "just up the road" where I could get a plate like that. (There used to be a couple of guys in Albuquerque with a refurbished DC-3, who had some cousins who ran lobster boats in Maine, but that operation just couldn't make enough money to stay afloat or in the air.)

Tillerman said...

Everything's relative Carol Anne.

If I drove 150 miles north I would be two states away. If I drove 150 miles west I would be two states away. If I went the same distance east or south I would get very wet. Geeze, if I drove TWO miles north I would be in the next state.

But it does take about an hour to drive from my home in the north-eastern corner of our little state to the south-western corner of the state. Evelyn's on the other hand is about 5 minutes drive away. Hence, "just down the road".

Carol Anne said...

In encounters with lost tourists, I have come to dread those who rely on a road atlas that uses a whole page for each state, so Rhode Island is given the same number of square inches of map as Texas gets. Yeah, each map has a scale in the corner, but that alone is not enough to convey the difference, especially to folks who are used to smaller states: "We left Beaumont two hours ago; surely we must be near Lubbock by now."

My mom had a verse, the origin of which I do not know, that she would use on summer vacations when we kids got restless on the journey between Houston and El Paso: "The sun has riz, the sun has set, and here we is, in Texas yet."

Of course, in New Mexico and Texas, the roads are wide open, so drivers can legally go 75 mph and often go much faster. In Rhode Island and a lot of the smaller states, you have a lot of civilization packed in a small space, so the same number of miles takes longer.

So perhaps we should define "just down the road" not by the number of miles but by the time it takes to get there. You can get to Evelyn's in 5 minutes, and I can get to El Norteño in 5 minutes.

I would still absolutely LOVE to have someplace to get fresh seafood within a reasonable distance of where I am.

bonnie said...

OMG...lobster salad does so much more for my primal instincts than girls in bikinis. Now if he posted some surfer guys that might be another story. As it stands, mmm lobster.

Re Carol Anne's distance observation - Having grown up on the west coast & beyond (meaning Hawaii), I've never quite gotten over how quickly you get from state to state here on the eastern seaboard. The scales are just so different, and then of course with the state that still feels the most like "home", there's the classic conundrum, "Why does Hawaii have interstates?"

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