Friday, June 05, 2009

Group Writing Projects: Why?

One of the features of this blog for a while now has been the "group writing project". I suggest a topic. Other bloggers and blog lurkers write a post (or two) on that topic. I post links here to their contributions. Everyone can read a bunch of articles on the same topic. That's it. Easy. Maybe even occasionally fun.

Here are some (maybe all) of the group writing projects we have run so far.

May 2009 Lists 31
Nov 2008 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 16
Oct 2008 Bucket List 14
Sep 2008 Best Sailing Innovation 25
July 2008 Heyitwasgreat 9
June 2008 Sailing Goals 11
May 2008 Learning Experiences 19
June 2007 Race Committee Screw-ups 6
May 2007 Worst Sailing Mistakes 14
Dec 2006 Inspiration 10

The numbers after each link in the list above are the number of entries I received for each project... 155 in all, I make it. Did I miss any?

Lately there's been some whining and complaining about these projects. Certain people have been acting as if I am some kind of heavy-handed taskmaster forcing them to stay up all night to complete these onerous writing assignments. For example, see Damn You Tillerman.

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. People, at least some people, seem to like responding to my occasional suggestion of topics for them to write about. I wonder why?

I have no idea really. So why do you participate in these pretty pointless prose projects? What's in it for you? What do you like about these projects? What don't you like? Answers in the comments please.

Oh shit. I seem to have set you another writing assignment. Damn you Tillerman!

Oh well. Can't be helped now. There will be another group writing project coming up in the next few days. Watch this space...


Corri said...

Two reasons,

1. It's always easier to create when there are some parameters to the end result.

2. Answers to the question or topic pop in my head and, having a blog, I like to share that with the world.

I think it's fun. And, if there something I'm not interested in, I don't do it. Although, most the time I just miss the deadline.

Sam Chapin said...

Dear TM,
I had the list already done. Now I am the first again and then my blog gets a little exposure.
Sam Chapin

Carol Anne said...

I agree with somedaysoling that having a specific assignment makes it easy to write. The topics you suggest are always interesting, too.

Something that I note is that when I put forth a group writing project, I seldom get more than about two responses. You, on the other hand, seldom get fewer than ten. Maybe I should post my group writing projects over here rather than on my own blog.

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