Monday, May 25, 2009

28 (plus 3) Amazing Lists About Sailing

Thanks to everyone who participated in our May group writing project, Lists. We had 28 entries in all and the complete list of entries is at the bottom of this post. This project was a little different from the ones we have run before. Usually I suggest a topic, whereas this month I only suggested the format, a list post. How did you like that? Was it easier not to have to rack your brain to address a specific topic? Or was it too vague an assignment to be a real challenge?

List posts are supposedly very popular with blog readers. It seems that a title saying "X Something Or Others" draws the reader in. They're probably thinking, "Oh there's only X. It won't be too long. I might as well check it out." And then the format of a list is easy to scan for our notoriously lazy readers. They can see if the post is of interest much more easily than they can if they are glancing over an unstructured post of long paragraphs. Do you find that?

On the other hand some folk find list posts trivial and some bloggers think they are a lazy way to write. They are right. But, hey, what's wrong with trivial? This whole blogging nonsense is a pretty trivial pursuit when you think about it. Isn't that the point?

Anyway, before I get too philosophical, here is the complete list of lists. Enjoy.

  1. 18 Advantages of the Laser Sailboat

  2. 5 Things a Sea Kayaker Needs to Pass a CG Auxiliary Safety Inspection

  3. 8 Things I Learned While Boating

  4. A Dozen Places to Sail Before You Die in the Desert and Mountain Southwest

  5. Fifteen things that bugged me during last Saturday's single-hand race

  6. Six things that went right during the Joshua Slocum race

  7. 8 Things To Think About Whilst Learning To Sail

  8. 10 Things I Won't Leave My Urban Dock Without Having In My Sea Kayak

  9. 13 Lucky Charms for when the park ranger pulls alongside your boat

  10. Two people who won't sail with me right now

  11. 12 Ways to Sabotage Your Start

  12. Three Pieces of Windsurfing Gear I've Owned More Than Ten Years

  13. Four Surefire Ways to Look like a Dork when Sailing

  14. 6 Reasons why Yachts are better than Dinghies

  15. 6 Reasons why Dinghies are better than Yachts

  16. 28 checks for trailer sailors before launching a boat from a trailer

  17. The 3 least understood Racing Rules of Sailing

  18. Eleven Crazy Things You Can Do on a Laser

  19. 10 (or maybe only 6) things in a code of conduct for keelboat guests

  20. Six not quite good enough reasons to sell the Laser

  21. 10 Ways to make Sailing part of your Zen practice

  22. Top Ten Lame or Not-So-Lame Excuses Not To Get to the Lake

  23. 5 ways to improve the chances your wife will want to sail with you

  24. Five Ways to Improve Your Regatta Score Without Really Sailing Any Better

  25. 11 Reasons to Love High School Sailing

  26. Four Things My Dad Did That I'm Too Chicken to Do

  27. Seven Things That Would Make Joe Rouse's Blog Even Better

  28. 6 Reasons Why I Don't Have A Sailing List.

    Update: two late entries added...

  29. List of Lists For List of Lists

  30. A Sailboat List

    Update #2: another list that was brought to my attention later...

  31. 5 greatest dinghies of all time


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