Friday, May 22, 2009

Four More List Project Entries

Four more entries today in our group writing project of the month which is the very simple task of writing a list post about sailing.

From The Good Old Boat Redwing 10 (or maybe only 6) things in a code of conduct for keelboat guests.

Andrew from SadlerBootwerk has Six not quite good enough reasons to sell the Laser. Phew. Thank goodness they weren't quite good enough. You had me worried for a moment there Andrew.

Zen knows 10 Ways to make Sailing part of your Zen practice. Great stuff.

And Carol Anne has Top Ten Lame or Not-So-Lame Excuses Not To Get to the Lake, all used by her friend Zorro apparently. But she still loves him.

I think that makes 22 entries so far. Thanks to everyone who has contributed but where are some of our regular participants? Joe? O Docker? Edward? Adam? There is still plenty of time for them and YOU to participate in this project, perhaps the easiest one of all the projects we have run here. Just write a list post about sailing and let me know about it before this Sunday, May 24. You don't even have to have your own blog to join the party. Full details at Lists.

Update: Oops. I missed one. The Skipper of the Starboard Racing Vessel has 5 ways to improve the chances your wife will want to sail with you.

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