Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lots More Sailing Lists

Wow. Our group writing project on Lists has inspired some major blogging activity over the last couple of days...

Mal of Team Gherkin seems to have had some bad experiences when he was learning to sail and recounts
8 Things To Think About Whilst Learning To Sail.

Bonnie of frogma is still educating us on kayak safety with 10 Things I Won't Leave My Urban Dock Without Having In My Sea Kayak.

And Pat's latest list also has a safety theme. He has 13 Lucky Charms for when the park ranger pulls alongside your boat.

It seems that Greg of Love and Coconuts still hasn't been forgiven for a somewhat disastrous sailing outing last year and tells the sad tale of Two people who won't sail with me right now.

While Yarg of Apparent Wind is trying to remember all the things not to do when starting a sailboat race including 12 Ways to Sabotage Your Start.

The Puffin is getting nostalgic about some old gear with Three Pieces of Windsurfing Gear I've Owned More Than Ten Years.

And Tweezerman of Earwigoagin tells us Four Surefire Ways to Look like a Dork when Sailing.

Meanwhile poor old Captain JP seems to be positively schizophrenic with 6 Reasons why Yachts are better than Dinghies and 6 Reasons why Dinghies are better than Yachts.

Plenty of time left for you to participate in this group writing project. Full details at Lists.

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