Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Six Lists About Sailing

First out of the starting blocks on this month's group writing project Lists was Sam Chapin with 18 Advantages of the Laser Sailboat. Honest. I didn't make this up. He really was first. Sam seems to be even more of a Laser zealot than myself. He even has a blog titled How to Sail the Laser which is now proudly featured in my blogroll.

Then Bonnie at frogma gives us a safety lesson in 5 Things a Sea Kayaker Needs to Pass a CG Auxiliary Safety Inspection.

Debra Brown may not be the most experienced sailor in the world but she has "been on a boat" and tells us about 8 Things I Learned While Boating.

Meanwhile Pat from Desert Sea - New Mexico Sailing has been blogging up a storm with three list posts already...

A Dozen Places to Sail Before You Die in the Desert and Mountain Southwest

Fifteen things that bugged me during last Saturday's single-hand race

Six things that went right during the Joshua Slocum race

Plenty of time left for you to participate in this group writing project. Where are my usual writing buddies this week? Full details at Lists.

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JP said...

Just posted my two lists:

1) Why Yachts are better than Dinghies

2) Why Dinghies are better than Yachts

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