Sunday, May 18, 2008

Learning Experiences Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our group writing project about "learning experiences" in sailing. What I found most gratifying about this exercise was how many writers from whom I hadn't heard before came forward with stories about their learning experiences. Some of you were writers of sailing blogs of which I was previously unaware. Some of you don't have your own blogs but felt inspired to send in a story anyway. Thank you to you all. I've enjoyed hearing from you and hope you will stop by here again and leave comments on my posts and/or participate in future writing projects.

The learning experience stories were...

I See Stupid People by IC

Drive by TK

A Racer's Fact of Life by Wavedancer

Lessons Learned from the Mallory Championships at Elephant Butte by Pat

Humiliation by ISO by Mark

You've got a friend
by Carol Anne

Shifting Gears by Manfred Schreiber

So kids, what did we learn today? by Somers Kempe

The Sailor's Prayer and
Motivation by Captain JP

Don't Think Twice by Andrew Sadler

Point Nemo by Edward

Adventures in Boating by Robert Hruzek

Helping Hands by Jos M Spijkerman

What I Learned From Running Marathons by Tillerman

And from David Anderson...
We Can Learn
Learning is Gud
Father's Day Sail
Mothra vs. Benicia

Wow, what an amazing diversity of different ways to interpret this theme. Tactics, racing rules, boat-handling, race management, sports psychology, relationships, family, friends, humor, instruction, humiliation... and ocean geography. It's all here. Thank you guys.

Because you all did such a great job on this writing project I'm thinking of making it a monthly event. A discussion that broke out in the comments to one of the above stories gave me an idea on what topic to use for the June group writing project. But please tell me if you have any suggestions too.

Last, but not least... please leave a comment letting us know which learning experience stories you enjoyed the most. I think my personal favorite was I See Stupid People. I may not have chosen to express this lesson in quite the same words that IC did but nevertheless his lesson is very valuable: stay out of trouble with other sailors if you want to do well in the races. I suspect IC is probably the youngest contributor to our project and I enjoyed the outspoken tone, passion, and straight talk that are typical of the young. Some of us old geezers could learn a thing or two about writing (as well as sailing) from him.

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