Sunday, May 25, 2008


A certain Australian website called LiveSailDie is asking its readers (all three of them) to name their favorite sailing website, and also wondering if they are fans of "Tillerman's rants."

Rants? Rants! How dare they? Who are these people? How dare they suggest that I am a ranter? I don't rant.

Proper Course (unlike LiveSailDie) is a serious sailing blog full of serious sailing information for serious sailors. We have insightful regatta reports from a top Laser sailor, informative reviews of essential sailing gear, and breaking news about the sailing industry.

You won't find any rants here.

For our more intellectual readers we have hauntingly evocative sailing poetry from our resident poet, post-minimalist art from the staff artist and leading edge discussions of sailing theory from our in-house scientist.

Not a rant in sight.

Sure, we have the occasional opinionated piece such as So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?, Bollocks to Handicap Racing, and Seven Reasons Why a Cat Fight Would Be Good for the America's Cup. But these are not rants. Oh no. They are more in the nature of the op-ed pieces in a newspaper. Intelligent discussion of topical subjects.

I don't rant.


Anonymous said...

Stop ranting you old fool! :P

bonnie said...

You left out Lunchables.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I guess Uncrustables was a bit ranty. But it was a very polite rant.

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