Monday, May 19, 2008


Ohmigod what have I done I wrote a post back at the turn of the year saying I was going to sail my Laser 100 days in 2008 and write a post about every day here but it's so hard not so much the actual sailing I still think there's a reasonable chance that I will manage to sail 100 times this year hey Hillary still thinks she's going be the Democratic nominee for president so anything can happen no it's finding something original to write about every sail that's so hard as Edward wrote somewhere on the EVK4 SuperBoatnameBlog a good sail is not necessarily postworthy like last Wednesday I went for a sail by myself on my Laser on the Sakonnet River launching off Fogland Beach and it was cool and soulsailorlike just me and my boat and the water and the wind was cooperating and the sun was out and I cruised up and down and practiced this and that and worked out how to do better one particular maneuver but who is interested in the minutiae of Laser technique other than than that guy in Australia who used to have his own blog but then stopped writing it but he occasionally leaves comments here and I'm pretty sure it was him that sailed up to me between races in Terrigal and stared at my sail number but who knows all these Aussies look the same like superfit and suntanned and look like they sail a Laser 500 days a year and where was I where am I oh yes last Wednesday I guess I could write about the old dude that came up to talk to me while I was rigging and all he told me about what he did in the war but who's interested in that I guess I will be one of those boring old dudes one day you know the ones who just ramble on and on and don't say anything all that interesting but you have to listen out of respect for their age and you never know they may say something worth repeating but they never do...


Pat said...

If the 100 posts about sailing are in base 2 notation, then only 4 posts (base 10 notation) are required. It's all a matter of perspective and which rules you use to play the game.

EVK4 said...

there are only 10 kinds of people in this world; those that know binary and those that don't.

Sounds like a good sail and I know what you're talking about with those Australians...they all sound alike too.

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