Monday, May 12, 2008

May Madness

Reasons not to go to the regatta last Saturday...
  • Daughter-in-law has invited us to 3D ultrasound scan of grandchild #2 (code name Boris) on same day
  • Weather forecast says steady rain until early afternoon
  • Weather forecast says winds of 22mph gusting to 38mph
  • Regatta was canceled two years ago because of rain
  • Regatta site is other side of major city
  • I'll have to get up early
  • I'm a wimp

Reasons to go to regatta last Saturday...
  • I can always catch up on 3D ultrasound of new baby when the DVD comes out
  • I've agreed to meet one of the Tillerheads there
  • It will be 2008 Laser sailing day #27
  • Weather forecasts are usually wrong
  • It might be fun

I decided to go to the regatta...
  • It didn't rain (much)
  • The drive across Boston is much faster now the Big Dig is finished
  • It was windy and gusty but not 38mph
  • I did meet the Tillerhead
  • It was fun
My regatta results were nothing to write home about so I'm not going to write home about them. Sometimes I was in the leading pack and most of the time I wasn't. I thought I understood lake winds but now I know I don't... or perhaps every lake is different. The folk at the host club were very friendly and welcoming and there was what looked like some good grub afterwards but I had to leave early to go to dinner with the family and check out the DVD of Boris's ultrasound.

However, the DVD of the supposedly three-dimensional ultrasound didn't work at all and the blurry still pictures of Boris showed a baby whose nose seemed to adopt different shapes and be in different places on his/her face in every shot and whose eyes never looked the same size as each other in any shot. I think the technology may not be perfect yet. I sincerely hope his/her nose doesn't move around like that after he/she is born. And I do hope it's a boy as Boris is not a good name for a girl.

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And said Tillerhead was super pleased to meet you!

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