Thursday, May 15, 2008

You've Got a Friend

Check out You've got a friend, an entry in our Learning Experiences group writing project from Carol Anne at Five O'Clock Somewhere. Once again Carol Anne has given us a new way of looking at a familiar topic.

One of the beauties of this whole blogging nonsense is that you can never predict the trajectory of an idea or a story, where it will land, who will read it... IC, a high school sailor from Maine, sent me a story for the group writing project by email which I posted here under the title I See Stupid People. It caught the attention of whoever maintains the website of the Laser Class Association of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory who posted a link to it on their website (in the sidebar on the left) and last night my stats were showing all these hits
on IC's story from down under. So now those awesome Aussie Laser sailors are learning something from a kid in Maine.

There are still two days for you to submit your Learning Experiences story. Either post it in your blog or send it to me by email. Who knows... you too could have your 15 minutes of fame in Australia. Full instructions at Learning Experiences.


EVK4 said...

And the best part?

You got something like eight posts without having to write a darned thing. That's how you're getting the time to sail 29 days so far.


Anonymous said...

Damn you Edward. You saw through my devilish plan.

But while I was sailing yesterday I did come up with some more ideas on how to get folk like you to write my blog for me so that I can sail even more. And then if I can just make one of those robot sailboats that you wrote about on your blog, it could do the sailing for me as well and life would be perfect.

Hmmm, I wonder if a robot sailboat could be programmed to file daily reports to a blog?

EVK4 said...

Noah has a thing for robots now so we read and re-read his book on robots. Honda's ASIMO robot and their ilk are all web-connected so you can communicate with them remotely. I'm sure our sailing robot overlords (which, I, for one, welcome) will have Wimax capability.

Are you up to 30 now? I was expecting 28 to be my sail logo, just a bit disappointed btw.

Pat said...

Something a little bit different is

where I reflect on lessons learned from running a men's championship elimination regatta.

How many things do you think can go wrong in a sailboat race? More than you, as a competitor, might think. And, if we're really, really lucky, some of the mistakes may be small enough that competitors never realize they happened.

Also posted are some pictures, a race summary, and lots of data.

Of course, six days of race committee (from various regattas besides the Mallory) gives me a partial excuse for having "only" 15 days of sailing so far this year.

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