Sunday, May 11, 2008

Don't Think Twice

Andrew Sadler who blogs from Holland has submitted a story Don't Think Twice for our Learning Experiences group writing project about how buying an Optimist for his daughter Em led to him getting bitten by the Laser sailing bug. He writes how he learned that "even if she (Em) takes up show jumping I'm going to be out there on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in my old Laser, surrounded by old Laser sailors, doing what I have rediscovered to be the one thing I enjoy doing most of all."

Well said sir.

By the way, Andrew's story is the May 9 2008 entry in that link which is to his sailing category. I can't see how to link to an individual post on his blog.

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David said...

Great story from Andrew. Wanted to leave him a comment, but couldn't figure out how on his blog. His account of Em and the Optimist brought back memories of my own first lessons in a Naples Sabot (a nice little pram featured this month in Sailing World.)

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