Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Viking Vareo

I found another blog to follow... Viking Vareo.

It's about another singlehanded sailor who, in some ways, is a lot like me.

He is a Viking... like me. Well actually he probably has a better claim than me to call himself a Viking, even if I did officially change my name to Tillerman Bloodaxe. He lives in Sweden and his name is Per Åkesson. That little circle above the A definitely makes that an authentic Viking name, doesn't it?

He used to sail a Laser, but he says he was never very good at it… like me.

He enjoys sailing a singlehanded boat with an asymmetric spinnaker… like me. Except he actually went and did something about it and bought one.

He sails an RS Vareo… like me. OK. OK. I only sailed a Vareo on vacation but at least it means I can understand what he is writing about and relate to it.

He likes to go off and cruise around in his boat by himself and try to improve his skills. Just like me.

Did I mention we are both Vikings?

Check out Viking Vareo.


Unknown said...

Hah, beat you again! He might actually be related to me. My ancestral family name is Åkesson. Maybe we could go sailing and meet halfway, say at Lindisfarne

Tillerman said...

Good idea. June 8 this year will be the 1220th anniversary of the raid by our Viking ancestors on Lindisfarne, generally recognized as the start of the Viking age. I think a bit of ravaging and pillaging from our Vareo, Laser and Sunfish would be in order. Don't forget to bring those podium girls you still owe me.

Joe said...

Didn't those Vikings and their derivatives make it everywhere? The linked map didn't take into to account that the derivative Vikings, also known as the Normans, set up camp in the Med.

PS I'm now the "boat-keeper" for our small, but growing fleet of Lasers.

Tillerman said...

Joe, if you look closely at the map (in the linked post) I think you will find it does cover most of the Viking expansions you mention. Normandy is colored orange to reflect the Vikings moving into that area of what is now France in the 10th century and morphing into Normans. The whole southern and western part of England is colored yellow to reflect the Norman conquest of England in the 11th century (the west and north of England already having been settled by previous waves of Vikings.) Sicily and southern Italy are yellow too in recognition of the Normans moving into those areas in the 11th century.

On the other hand Malta doesn't appear to be on the map at all. And the Anglo-Norman conquest of Cyprus in the 12th century doesn't appear to have been recorded on the map. But perhaps the author of the map felt that those people's connection to Scandinavia was somewhat tenuous by then.

Pleased to hear that you are now supporting the most popular singlehanded class in the world. Let's see some pictures on your blog of you and your Lasers.

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