Sunday, January 12, 2014

Where am I?

An easy quiz today.

Once again the question "Where am I?" is misleading.

I did not take this picture.

I am not in this picture.

I am not currently at the location of this picture.

But I have been there.

I could be in this picture.

I should be in this picture.

So who will the first to guess the location?

And, as a bonus question, if Tillerwoman were in the picture, what would she be doing?


Anonymous said...

Bitter End Yacht Club and . . . sipping an umbrella drink?

Baydog said...

Menorca? Cabarete? If Tillerwoman were there, she'd be ordering your first midday Dark n stormy.

Tillerman said...

OK. So we have 3 random guesses of places with palm trees that I have written about visiting on this blog. Based on this shotgun approach, one of them was bound to be right.

It is indeed Cabarete. Well done Baydog.

One of many clues is that at BEYC or Menorca you would have seen a lot of other kinds of small boats as well as Lasers. The picture was taken from the EZE Bar which is adjacent to the Laser Training Center at Cabarete. A group of Lasers are just coming back after a day of racing or training, and the beach staff from the Laser Center are just about to take out the dollies and assist the sailors in recovering the Lasers.

Baydog's guess as to what Tillerwoman would be doing is a good one, but not what I was thinking of. If she did order me a drink it would probably have been a beer, and she would probably have waited until I was up the beach to check with me what I wanted.

Tillerwoman typically sat on one of those chairs for at least part of the day while I was out sailing and my question was about what activity she would have been undertaking for much of the time while sitting there on the beach in Laser sailing heaven.

Genie said...

Knitting, of course.

Baydog said...

Crossword? Sudoku? FBing?

Tillerman said...

Correct Genie. Of course she would be knitting. She is the Knitting Non-Sailor.

Baydog said...

The beach scene, in retrospect, looks too laid back for Menorca.

Tillerman said...

Too laid back? Not sure I understand that.

Except the beach at Minorca Sailing is not very wide and is very much a hive of dinghy launching activity and sailing instruction. Certainly not a place for beach chairs and sunbathing and imbibing drinks with little umbrellas in them. On the other hand, other beaches in Menorca are very laid back. So laid back that some of the patrons don't even bother wearing bathing suits. I don't think I've see any of that shocking behavior at Cabarete…. and certainly not at Bitter End YC.

GBR 134 said...

But I imagine that you have spent a few minutes researching the area to ensure that there was none if that shocking behaviour - purely as a service to others?

Tillerman said...

It took more than a few minutes GBR134. It took me the best part of 3 weeks to do all the research on this topic. I will shortly be publishing my Complete Guide to Beaches in Minorca that Sensitive Modest People from England Should Avoid.

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