Monday, May 25, 2015

What is this?

What is this?

Or rather, what was it?

Dead sea creature found on the beach of Mount Hope Bay when taking my three biggest grandkids for a walk this morning. These kids love finding dead stuff!

It isn't a quiz. I don't know the right answer.

Surely one of my readers does.


Lekha Murali said...

What was once a magnificent life form with its tail cut off. Can't name the creature, but can't get over the impact either.

MYCSunfish Fleet said...

Looks like some form of dolphin. Either that or an Icthyosaur.

Tillerman said...

An Icthyosaur! I think you are right. And there must be more in the bay. Living fossils in Mount Hope Bay. And I discovered them. Maybe they will name it Tillyosaurus?

Anonymous said...

Spinner dolphin

Tillerman said...

I do think it is a dolphin. But do spinner dolphins come as far north as Narragansett Bay?

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