Friday, September 16, 2016

10 Wild, Wacky and Wise Things Said About the RS Aero This Week

Stuff found on the Internet this week...

1. I haven't had a demo. I just went for it because I got a good deal and everyone raves about the boat.

2. What is the cost per pound? About $100? Too pricey till a large used market develops, or you can pop one out of a 3D printer.

3. The boat is phenomenal and the people are great.....once you sail it, you will not want to go back to your Laser.

4. I know Melges is pushing a competing design but I like the look/weight of the Aero.

5. Somebody has to be the first RS Aero buyer in the area and it might as well be you.

6. When you compare the weight of an Aero hull with that of a Laser or Sunfish, all the Aero sailors were sailing half a boat.

7. I find the Aero’s early adopters inspiring. They saw a better boat and knew the soulful satisfaction it would bring.

8. Buy Aeros in threes.

9. Sometimes we just have to take a bigger leap of faith to see the light.

10. I, for one, welcome our new Aero overlords.


Tillerman said...

I like the "Aero overlord" quote best. I have no idea what it means but I am thinking of changing my profile picture to that one at the bottom of the post.

LengthDoesntMatter said...

Cost per pound? Who buys boats based on cost per pound?

If the Aero was the same price but weighed 320 pounds it would only cost $25 per pound. Would that be a better deal?

torrid said...

A little pop culture reference help for you:

Tillerman said...

Thanks torrid. I am not much into pop or culture these days.

So the person who said that is calling me an insect?

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