Saturday, September 17, 2016

RS Aero Reviews

Where can you get information on-line about a new boat you are thinking of buying?

Well obviously the manufacturer's website is one place, but reviews by other people who have actually sailed the boat can also be a good source of helpful advice. 

So if you are considering buying an RS Aero, here are a number of reviews of the RS Aero published over the last couple of years that might be helpful to you...

May 2014 - Test sailing the RS Aero - the '21st Century Laser' a video review - by Matthew Sheahan of Yachting World

June 2014 - Singlehanded Sailing: The Next Level - by George Yioulos of West Coast Sailing

June 2014 - Musings on the RS Aero - by Mark Riddington (RS300 sailor)

October 2014 - RS Aero Boat Test - by Peter Barton and team in Yachts and Yachting

March 2015 - Testing the D Zero and RS Aero in 20 knots - by Steve Cockerill of Rooster Sailing

September 2016 - The Next Big Thing? - by Dave Reed in Sailing World. Actually this is not so much a review of the boat as a piece about the early adopters of the RS Aero and their motivations.

If you know of any other reviews of the RS Aero, let me know and I will add them the list.

And if you have any questions about the RS Aero that I can answer then please email me and I will do my best to help.


Dan Gurney said...

Can you say something about capsize recovery? I've heard they're tough to climb back on without a capsize to windward.

Tillerman said...

Great question Dan. If I haven't already, I should write a post on this - or at least post a link to a place where it's all explained.

Brief summary - some heavier sailors do have difficulty in climbing in over the side, but it's very easy to get back into the boat over the transom. And with the right techniques, even heavier sailors can master re-entry over the gunwale.

Tillerman said...

Dan - there is a very good discussion of RS Aero capsize recovery techniques at the Capsize Corner on the RS Aero forum, including videos and lots of helpful advice.

The video of 230lb Dion doing capsize recoveries proves once and for all that even a heavy sailor can do re-entries over the side of the boat - again and again and again.

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