Friday, June 17, 2005

District Champs

This weekend I'm travelling to the District 10 Laser Championships on the shore in New Jersey. This will be, by far, the toughest competition I've entered since the US Nationals in April. The Jersey shore has been a breeding ground of top class Laser sailors since the early 70s when a young man called Gary Jobson burst on the scene in the early days of Lasering.

So I don't have much hope of a good overall finish. I don't think I've ever broken into the top 20 in this regatta on the few occasions I've sailed it before. But I ought to have some objectives for the weekend. So what are they?

1. Have fun.
2. Meet up with some old friends.
3. Avoid breaking anything -- on self or boat.
4. Check out my starting technique in a larger fleet with more aggressive competition. (Repeat to self -- I will be in the front row of every start.)
5. Test out my boat speed against some of the best -- see what they are doing differently from me and learn from them.
6. Have a happy father's day. Hey - my dad has been gone for 10 years so this one's for me.
7. Work on boat to boat tactics. (Repeat to self -- I will be on the inside at every mark.)
8. Have some interesting experiences that I can write about in this blog.
9. Eat some fresh seafood.
10. Have fun.

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I'm waiting for some results'd you do?

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