Friday, June 10, 2005

Sex Education

I was noodling around looking for sailing blogs today and found this joke on Nhicky Albano's blog. As I work as a sailing instructor in the summer it seemed appropriate.

Mr. Killington wanted to become a teacher in the worst way, but the only job he could find was as an instructor at an all female college teaching sex education. His wife was a very jealous woman so Mr. Killington decided he would tell his wife that he would be teaching sailing at this college so that she would not get angry. He was very happy and for months all was well.

As fate would have it, one day in the grocery store check out lane, Mrs. Killington overheard a group of girls standing in line behind her talking about college and their instructor Mr. Killington. The girls went on and on about how great this Mr. Killington was at teaching their class. The cashier handed Mrs. Killington her change and said, "Have a great day Mrs. Killington, and thank you, again."

One of the girls in line heard the cashier, and asked Mrs. Killington if she was related to the Mr. Killington that was teaching at the college. Mrs. Killington replied, "Yes, he is my husband." Well, that set off a torrent of accolades about how knowledgeable Mr. Killington was about the subject matter he was teaching, about how he got the whole class to discuss their fears about learning the subject.

Well, Mrs. Killington was taken back by what she heard from these girls and replied, "I don't know how you find him to be so gifted at teaching you this course. You know he only tried it twice in his life. The first time he tried it, he got sick, and the second time, his hat blew off and he just quit."

OK. It's a pretty childish joke. But Nhicky apparently is a 14 year old girl so I'm sure it appeals to that demographic.


EVK4 said...

I found a sailing blog that I really like: The Boate.

It looks like a bunch of late 20s early 30s guys who own a boat together, they are funny and make videos of their sailing. Quirky.

Tillerman said...

Thanks. I like the photo of the little boy on the boat. Reminds me of the pictures of your daughter sailing. Somewhere I have some photos of my kids sailing at that age. Must dig them out.

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