Thursday, June 23, 2005


On Tuesday it was a gorgeous day for sailing. 80 degrees and 10 knots. I took my Laser down to the club and just had fun cruising around the whole reservoir exploring every bay and inlet.

After a while I began to hear voices in my head.

The first voice was saying "You enjoy the Laser so much, you should just sail it all the time. Sell the Sunfish. Sell the Sunfish."

But the second voice asked, "But I enjoy Wednesday night Sunfish racing too. What would I do on Wednesdays?"

The first voice said, "What do you mean? You know the Laser is more fun. What's so great about Wednesdays? Sell the Sunfish. Sell the Sunfish."

The second voice still wasn't convinced. "Well, I appreciate the company and meeting everyone on Wednesdays."

"What do you mean? You always end up sitting next to old W. at the inn afterwards. With his deafness and accent, he can never hear what you say and you can never understand what he says. Sell the Sunfish. Sell the Sunfish."

" least I like the beer and pizza."

"You must be joking. Last week they ran out of Yngling Lager and pizza. You could be sitting at home on your deck on a Wednesday evening watching the sun set over the hill with the love of your life and eating her gourmet cooking and drinking a good bottle of wine. Sell the Sunfish. Sell the Sunfish."

Geeze. Am I going crazy? I seem to have a Laser sailor and a Sunfish sailor arguing inside my head. And the Laser guy is winning right now. What should I do?

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