Saturday, December 10, 2005

BVI Emma

The Laser Radial World Championships in Brazil have just finished. Congratulations to Paige Railey of USA and Eduardo de Magalhaes Couto of Brazil on their victories in the Women's and Men's divisions respectively.

By all accounts the Women's Radial class has become extremely competitive since it was announced that the Radial will be the Women's Single-handed boat at the Olympics in 2008. By winning the Worlds, Railey has established herself as the leading contender for the US spot at the Olympics and for the gold medal in China. (But there are still three years to go.)

A few of the competitors at the Radial Worlds have blogs. For the top sailors with their near full-time
campaigns and sponsorship deals, a website and/or a blog is almost essential for keeping their supporters informed of their activities.

And so am I pleased to announce that, after intensive review and much discussion, the judges have awarded the Tillerman 2005 Radial Worlds Grand Prize for the Best Blog of the Worlds to ...

Emma Paull of the British Virgin Islands for bviemma. Emma may not have finished at the top of the fleet but she certainly wrote the most vivid and personal blog of her experiences in Brazil.

Way to go Emma. Good luck with the sailing and keep writing the blog.

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