Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Dead Squirrels

Thanks to Sailing Anarchy for this photo taken shortly after the start of a race at the Melges 24 Worlds. Looks like a few of the boats were trying for that elusive squirrel start.

The boat on port tack USA 551 looks to have pulled off a great start at the boat end of the line. But there are three other boats milling around to starboard of the committee boat that totally mistimed it. Good to see that even the professionals can screw up the way I do. Occasionally.

Photo credit Tim Wilkes.


Anonymous said...

One thing I love about watching the America's Cup is seeing the "pros" make mistakes. They all do it, it's the nature of sailing. Have you ever given any thought to who these "pro sailors" really are, or where they come from? I think there are two types. The first type are guys just like you and me. They love to race boats, they eat, sleep, and drink VMG, and they constantly strive to get better at the sport they love. They figure out some things that work for them through trial and error, and they win some races. People begin to take notice, and the next thing they know, they're driving sombody else's boat in a bigger regatta... which leads me to the second type of professional sailor. He's the one with the bankroll. If he can't win, he just buys new stuff and new people. Ahhh, that's the beauty of sailboat racing though isn't it?

Litoralis said...

The tactician on USA 551 (Gazoo!) is Doug Clark who is the Director of Sailing at the Coast Guard Academy (he previously coached at the Merchant Marine Academy and the Naval Academy).
He has won the Snipe Nationals, Hinman Trophy, Prince of Wales and has finished in the top ten in four different one-design World championships (Snipes, J-22, J-24, Melges 24).
Clark sailed in college at URI and was a four-time letter winner, was named to the 1985 Honorable Mention All-American team and in 1986 was named All-American.

Tillerman said...

And the helmsman on GBR 616 (boat nearest camera)is Ruairidh Scott who won the 2005 J80 Worlds and the 2005 1720 Europeans.

As I said, they're pretty much all pros. No rabbits in this fleet, even there are a few squirrels!

Pat said...

Does one really win races, or do the champions just somehow not lose them?

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