Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lunatic Fringe

The Cedar Point Laser Fleet did sail on Sunday in spite of a morning snowfall.

In a post in the Laser Forum, Greg M notes that "it warmed up enough that the snow changed to freezing rain by the time we went out sailing".


Anonymous said...

And to think that the Portsmouth Boat Club can't even get more than five knuckleheads out on the water to sail in fifty degree weather, in boats that don't flip over! What the hell is wrong with people on the southern chesapeake bay?!?!?!

Tillerman said...

Some people might say that a more appropriate question is, "What is wrong with people on Long Island Sound?"

Seriously though, the guys at Cedar Point have done a superb job of fleet building over many years.

Carol Anne said...

Awesome picture! You got at least a thousand words' worth there.

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